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Xi'an Jutong Automation Co., Ltd. is specialized in ABB sales in China. Our company ABB products have a large inventory, the best price, in some key development areas in China, 4S shops built ABB products and services, truly local OEM (mechanical equipment manufacturer), SI (electrical system integrator), EPC (engineering company, project general contractor), Eu (final customer). The business involved is ABB's medium and low voltage transmission, ABB motor, ABB power distribution, ABB PLC module and transformer products and products, maintenance, operation and maintenance services, and other products and services required by customers during the service process (including transformation, System design integration debugging). Make full use of new technologies, connect equipment, and connect with customers. Improve the efficiency of customer service and add value to customers.

  Our main agent of industrial products are as follows:

1, ABB PLC AC500 PM572, PM582, PM583-ETH, PM590-ETH, PM591-ETH, PM592-ETH and PM595-4ETH-F AC800F AC800M S800 S900 800XA ABB Freelance 2000 ABB AC800M ABB AC700F
2, ABB ACS880 inverter ACS355 series ACS150 series ACS310 series ACS355 series ACS510 series ACS550 series ACS530 series ACH550 series ACS580 series ACS800 single drive series ACS850 series ACS880 single drive series ACSM1 series ACS880 multi-drive series ACS580MV series ACS1000 series inverter ACS2000 series inverter ACS5000 Inverter ACS6000 Inverter MEGADRIVE-LCI Medium Voltage Inverter DCS800 DC Drive Products DCS550 DC governor
3, refined wisdom, streamlined and wonderful ser ABB Freelance 2000ies of human-computer interface, IPC3000Smart, Panel-PC and other industrial control machine series PM590-ETHPM590-ETH
4, ABB Soft Starter PST/PSTB Soft Starter (230-600V) £»PST 30-300 ABB Soft Starter£»PST30-600-70 ABB Soft Starter£»PST37-600-70 ABB Soft Starter£»PST44-600-70£»PST50-600-70£»PST60-600-70£»PST72-600-70£»PST85-600-70£»PST105-600-70£»PST142-600-70£»PST175-600-70£»PST210-600-70£»PST250-600-70 ¡¡¡¡PST300-600-70£»PST30-600-70T£»PST37-600-70T£»PST44-600-70T£»PST50-600-70T£»PST60-600-70T£»PST72-600-70T£»PST85-600-70T£»PST105-600-70T£»PST142-600-70T£»PST175-600-70T£»PST210-600-70T£»PST250-600-70T£»PST300-600-70T£»ABB Soft Starter PSTB 370... 1050 (built-in bypass contactor)£»PSTB370-600-70£»PSTB470-600-70£»PSTB570-600-70£»PSTB720-600-70£»PSTB840-600-70£»PSTB1050-600-70£»PSTB370-600-70T ¡¡¡¡PSTB470-600-70T£»PSTB570-600-70T£»PSTB720-600-70T£»PSTB840-600-70T£»PSTB1050-600-70T
5, ABB Circuit breaker Emax series air circuit breaker;E1N1600 R1600 PR121/P-LI FHR 3P;E2B2000 R2000 PR121/P-LI FHR 3P;E3N2500 R2500 PR121/P-LI FHR 3P;E4S4000 R4000 PR121/P-LI FHR 3P;E6H6300 R3200 PR121/P-LI FHR 3P;E2B/E1600 R1600 PR121/P-LSIG 3P FHR;E3H/E3200 R3200 PR121/P-LSIG 3P FHR;E1B/MS 1600 3P FHR;E2B/MS 1600 3P FHR;E3N/MS 3200 3P FHR;E4S/MS 4000 3P FHR;E6H/MS 6300 3P FHR;E2B2000 R2000 PR121/P-LI 3P LTT WHR;X1B630 R630 PR331/P-LI FHR 3P;E2B1600 PR122/DC R1600 FVR£¼HR 3P;Emax X1B/E MS1600 1000VAC FF 3P;E2N/E MS1250 FHR 3P;E2S1600 D LI FHR 3P;E6H 4000 T LSI WHR 3P;E4V/MS 4000 3P FHR;E4V/MS 4000 4P WHR
6, ABB Circuit breaker XT2N160 TMD 32 3P FFCL;XT4L160 TMD 32 3P FFCL;XT2N160 MF1 FF 3P;XT4N250 MA200 WEF 3P;T6N 630 PR222DS/P-LSIG R630 FF 3P;T5N 400 TMG R320 FF 3P;T2N 160 DC TMD160 FFCL 4P;T6N 630 DC TMA630 FF 4P;T5N 400 TMG R320 FF 3P;T7S 800 PR231/P-LSI R800 FF 3P;T7S 800 PR332/P-LSIG R800 FF 3P;A1B125 TMF15/400 FF 3P+RCD;A3N400 TMF320/3200 FF 3P;T1D/PV160 1100V DC FFC 4P;T7D/PV1600 1100V DC FF -500kW 4P;T6L630 TMA630 FF 4P 1000V DC;
7, ABB Relay AX12-30-10 36*190V-50Hz/220V60Hz;AX370-30-11 80*220-230V 50Hz/230-240V 60Hz;A260-30-11 220V-230V50Hz/230-240V60Hz;AF63-30-00 48-130V AC/DC;AF140-30-11 11*24-60V50/60HZ 20-60VDC;UA30-30-10 220-230V 50Hz/230-240V60Hz;GAF 185-10-11 100-250V AC/DC;EK 110-40-11 24V 50Hz;B6-30-10*220-240V 40-450Hz;VB6-30-01*220-240V 40-450Hz;ESB63-40*230V AC/DC;AS09-30-10-25 220V 50/60Hz;AF09Z-30-10-20*12-20V DC;TA42DU-42M;
8, ABB Contactor T1D/PV160 1100V DC FFC 4P;Ts3L250 R125 TM 10Ith FF 4P;AX65-30-00 36*190V-50Hz/220V60Hz;A40-30-10 220V-230V50Hz/230-240V60Hz;AF40-30-00 11*24-60V50/60HZ 20-60VDC;GAF 750-10-11 100-250V AC/DC;EK 175-40-11 220-230V 50Hz;B6-30-10*220-240V 40-450Hz;VB6-30-01*220-240V 40-450Hz;ESB20-20*24V 50Hz/27-28V 60Hz;AS09-30-10-25 220V 50/60Hz;AF09Z-30-10-20*12-20V DC
9, ABB Relay TA42DU-42M;E16 DU 0.32A;TF42-38;EF19-0.32;MS116-0.16;MS132-0.16;MS165-16;CPX1.2-22
10,ABB LIGHT CP1-10R-10;CP2-10R-10;CP3-10R-10;CP4-10R-10;CP1-11R-10;CP3-11C-10;CP1-20R-10;CP3-20R-01;CP11-10G-11;CP1-20R-10;CPM3-10R-11;CE3T-10R-01;C2SS1-10R-10;C3SS1-10R-11;CP6-10R-11;MP1-42R-10;MP2-42R-10;M2SS1-42R-10;CB1-600G
11, ABB Contactor K6-22Z*110-127V 40-415Hz;N22E 110V 50Hz/110-120V 60Hz;NX22E-36*190V-50Hz/220V60Hz;KC6-22Z*220V DC;NSL22E-81*24V DC
12, ABB Relay M101-M MD21 24VDC;M102-M with MD21 24VDC;UMC100-FBP;CT-MVS.21S AC/DC24-240V 0.05s-300h 2C/O;CM-SRS-11S AC/DC24-240V 3mA-1A;
13, ABB Circuit breaker OS32GD02P;OS800D02P;OT160EV03P;OETL3150K3;OTDC16F3;OTDC250E03;XLP 000-6CC;OFAFC000AR315;OFAFC000GG80HD;XRE00-50-3P;SJ201-C6;GSJ201 AC-C6/0.03